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24h Emergency service

In the event of water damage or other damage, you need a specialist immediately, call us do not hesitate.

24 hour Emergency service

24 hour emergency service in the event of water damage or other urgent matters. Mold removal, dehumidification and emergency repairs. Construction business Customer mason Concrete cosmetics Demolition Excavation Reconstruction Renovations. 24 hour emergency service in urgent cases

Water damage restoration

Soil remediation

Building drying & dehumidification

Emergency tariffs

During the week

07: 30-18: 00 extra surcharge arrival 295 sFr.- thereafter every hour 125 .-

18: 00-07: 30 extra surcharge for arrival 385 sFr.- thereafter every hour 145.-


Friday 6:30 p.m.-Monday 7:30 a.m.

445 sFr.- thereafter every hour 245.-

Everything that can be reached within 45 minutes from 8320 Fehratdorf

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